26 August 2009

Why was Kahrizak prison closed?

via @persianbanoo, August 26

The next 10 tweets are a report on why Kahrizak prison was closed.

  • Despite reports that Kahrizak was closed after revelation of Mohsen Rohalamin’s torture and murder
  • Other factors may have been involved in closing Kahrizak prison
  • Dr. Rohalamin, Mohsen's father, a prominent physician and an insider with high level connections
  • After Mohsen's death, Dr. Rohalamin's high level friends started investigating Kahrizak
  • In the meantime an un-named journalist had been detained and released from Kahrizak
  • This journalist's accounts of Kahrizak may have played an important role in closing this center
  • Aftr a high level Government official intervention this journalist was released from Kahrizak after 2 weeks
  • In a meeting with this Official, when the journalist was asked to sit down, he replied he can not
  • He told the Official, while in Kahrizak he had been repeatedly raped with a baton
  • The Official became very disturbed. Two days later the order for closing Kahrizak was issued

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