29 August 2009

Inside Report II

-twitter from inside Iran, August 29

  • I continue my report on what I heard in Iran… the following is not my opinion but what I heard from people...
  • Some might not like it ... please remember that this is just from a fraction of people I meet ....doesn't apply to the whole country ...
  • I left with the idea that I would find Pro/fanatic Mousavi (supporters) among people I know…I had some surprises!!!!
  • First i start (with) opposition and then the AN supporters
  • The opposition is quite divided
  • Some are disappointed by Mousavi, they acknowledge him as the accidental hero but dismisses him for the future leadership=he is not strong enough!!!
  • Most still disappointed by Mousavi but find excuses and justify his passiveness = He has no choice = He does what he can
  • Some still believe in Mousavi and hope against hope…But the hero of the month is Karoubi
  • Rafsanjani is more hated than loved!!! Generally described as unreliable, untrustworthy
  • Khatami is the most controversial… venerated by some…despised by most…his past is casting a shadow over his present = Unpredictable
  • Most tell you that they have voted more against AN than for Mousavi and are determined to support Mousavi…but mostly because it’s their only option
  • Now Ahmadinejad's supporters: I meet with two different kinds; First some blind fanatics believing that AN is the (saviour)
  • Believing that AN has come to clean the IR from corrupted Mullahs and re-establish the true Rev values???!!!
  • They are in the state of denial…They deny everything (murders, torture, rape)…for these people all we hear is just lies from enemies of IR ??!!
  • Second group; believe in AN the (saviour) but has serious doubts…they don’t dismiss the report on abuses and are waiting to change with the changing wind
  • So AN is trapped in his own game… By blaming the opposition leaders for everything that happened now must answer
  • AN now must answer why he does not act against the true traitors (Mousavi, etc).
  • AN is under pressure from his supporters to act and punish those who have created the current situation
  • Furthermore, the choices of his (AN) collaborators are not always understood by his followers (Rahim Mashaie!!!)
  • Finally we have a third group in Iran = the silent opposition…For them these are all games between the same species
  • Silent opposition didn't vote or protest against or for anyone…but watch ed (events ??) and awaits.
  • Overall ...they are disgusted by the recent events and blame the opposition and hardliners equally
  • Overall green or silent opposition all blame IR more that the actual individuals…they believe that IR is rooted beyond repair and has to go.
  • I leave the subject of speculations for later…in the matter of speculation…we have champions in Iran!!!
  • Try to get more time for tomorrow....Just tell you that most people’s theories are closer to science fiction than speculation :) but good to know

KIMBER: Words in parentheses/brackets are my editions.

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