16 August 2009

Babak Daad on Rape Inside Iran's Prisons

From the blog Keeping the Change:

Babak Daad is a journalist who went underground shortly after the June 12 elections and currently remains in hiding inside the country.

This piece, written partly in the voice of an anonymous (though likely real) rape victim and partly from the author's own perspective, is a mixing of multiple realities. [...] It is ... a beautifully written and lyrical piece, providing the personal, yet socially critical perspective on the rape allegations that we did not know we were missing until Mr. Dad brought it to our attention.

"You're 18 years old. Three months ago "you loved Iran and the freedom of its people" and you were ready to give your life so that your country could be "Green." You were unawares that after several weeks of imprisonment and torture, you would become embarrassed of yourself, embarrassed of the people, and even embarrassed of God. You are disgusted! You crawl around in the corner of the house because you are unable even to sit. Your interrogator said to you: "I'll take care of you so that you wont be able to walk for a long time, let alone go to a protest, you fancy-pants kid! You won't even be able to sit. I'll fix you so that you'll have to crawl like a crab." This man wanted to make you a member of the "organization of the apathetic!" Their goal was to make you, you who are young and full of rage, isolated and so abused that you will no longer care about or for anything. [...]"

Read the whole text here.

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