26 August 2009

Evin prison revealed

via @persianbanoo, August 25

The next 10 tweets are some info re Evin prison. Please read and retweet:
  • Each intelligence entity of various armed factions of IR GOV has it's own section at Evin
  • Section 209 in under the authority of the Inelegance Ministry, has both solitary and non-solitary
  • A new section in Evin prison called Guards Secret Sec 204, carved inside a hill with tomb like cells
  • This section probably saw it's first prisoners after the post-election unrest
  • The cells are built the size of a casket, are sound proof and totally dark
  • The only light the prisoner sees is when guards or interrogators visit with a hand held light
  • This is where probably Mr. Zaydabadi was kept before being moved to Sec 209
  • Zaydabadi told his family he had been kept in a dark casket like place for weeks
  • Evin Sec 1, 2A and 204 are under the control of Sepah and the Justice Dept has no authority over them

Here is a pic of Zaydabadi in court today. This man doesn't look normal.

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