4 September 2010

Amnesty Campaign for Shiva Nazar Ahari

This video was made by Amnesty Norway this summer, and it was sent on national TV almost every day.

Read more about Shiva Nazar Ahari on Tehran Bureau:
Courageous and Principled: Shiva Nazar Ahari - by Muhammad Sahimi

Amnesty International’s campaign to save Shiva Nazar Ahari: Write a letter!!
“.... since her arrest she has spent much of the time in solitary confinement which she described as a “cage-like” cell, where she cannot move her arms or legs. She has limited access to her family, and no access to her lawyers. If she is convicted of the charges held against her, she will face a lengthy prison term, or possibly the death sentence.” 

Photo report showing damage to Mehdi Karroubi’s residence

From the Facebook page supporting Mir Hossein Mousavi:

Link to photos

Photo report showing the traces of bullet shots and severe damage to Mehdi Karroubi’s residence: Lat night for the fifth consecutive night the Basij and plain-clothes thugs while chanting slogans in support for the supreme leader attacked the residence of Mehdi Karroubi and wrote insulting slogans on his building walls such as “Death to Karroubi”. They opened fire and cut telephone lines, damaged water pipes, smashed the windows, put the entrance door on fire and severely vandalized the building while trying to terrorize Mehdi Karroubi, his family and neighbors. All this happened while the police and security forces did nothing to stop the pro-government thugs! According to SahamNews among the attackers there were notorious criminals who were intoxicated on the holy night of Qadr. These criminals were hired specifically to terrorize and destroy.

متهمان و مجرمان سابقه‌دار در میان مهاجمان به منزل کروبی: چند نفر از مهاجمان در شب قدر از مشروبات الکلي استفاده کرده بودند

”بسیاری از مهاجمان شب‌های گذشته به منزل کروبی، از میان متهمان و مجرمان سابقه‌دار اجیر شده بودند.”ا

به گزارش سحام نيوز : به گفته برخی کارکنان کلانتری فرمانیه و نیاوران بسیاری از مهاجمان افرادی بودند که پیشتر به دلایل مختلف مانند فساد اخلاقی،دزدي و مشروب‌خواری و دلایل مشابه بازداشت شده بودند.ا

به گزارش خبرنگار سحام نيوز چند نفر از مهاجمان در شب قدر از مشروبات الکلي استفاده کرده بودند که بعد از پرتاب کني سنگ به سمت شيشه هاي منزل آقاي کروبي و نثار دشنام هاي ناموسي به عزاداري مي پرداختند

اين افراد که به نظر می‌رسد صرفا برای انجام خراب‌کاری و حمله و بی‌حرمتی به منزل شیخ اصلاحات اجیر شده بودند، امروز ساعت سه بعدازظهر محل را ترک کردند، اما گفته‌اند که مجددا باز خواهند گشت.ا

حمله به منزل مهدی کروبی، پنج شب پیاپی صورت ‌گرفت، که در آخرين شب با خشونت بسیاری همراه بود، به طوری که تیراندازی و جراحت شدید یکی از محافظان کروبی را در پی داشت.ا

در حمله شب گذشته این افراد که شعار “خونی که در رگ ماست، هدیه به رهبر ماست” را مدام تکرار می‌کردند، شیشه‌ها و در خانه کروبی شکسته و جای گلوله در راهرو خانه و پنجره‌ها به وضوح دیده می‌شود. همچنین این افراد با قطع کابل‌، تلفن‌های خانه را نیز از کار انداخته‌اند.ا

منبع: سحام نیوز

3 September 2010

Live Blogging Iran Quds Day Protests

The following blogs are live blogging today's Quds day events in Iran:

The Daily NiteOwl (Josh Shahryar)

Dissected News (James Miller)

Enduring America (Scott Lucas)

Please inform me of other live blogs following today's protests.

2 September 2010

Karroubi’s house under ‘siege’ for the fifth consecutive night

- and now it’s getting nasty.

A few hors ago the Twitter #iranelection feed bursted into a frenzy with news of violent attacts outside Karroubi’s house.
Some damage had already been done to the residence yesterday, and Saham News posted some images earleier today. An alleged video also emerged:

The thugs are shouting "Marg bar Karroubi!", "Death to Karroubi!".

At 18:50 GMT today reports were that the pro-regime crowd were throwing Molotov cocktails and Karroubi’s bodyguards firing shots into the air.
About an hour later reports came out that one of Karroubi’s bodyguards was taken to hospital.
At 20:30 GMT Mehdi Karroubi’s son Hossein spoke to Radio Farda before the family’s phone was cut off:
The home is completely blockaded. Our neighborhood is now just like the desert of Karbala (where Imam Hossein was martyred after being denied water for days) and occupied Palestine. The building is completely surrounded. There were gun shots fired directly at the building. The bodyguards in return fired some warning shots. All windows of the building are broken. They shot out all the street lights in the alley. Apparently some [assailants] were injured and ambulance has taken them [to hospital].
The situation is very chaotic now and the attackers are continuously chanting slogans and their attack word is “We are responding, O Khamenei”.

Read the complete, updated report on the blog Enduring America

Last update via Facebook (Negar Irani) - about 22:00 GMT:
In a short message to the nation of Iran, in an effort to protect people's lives, Karroubi explicitly requested that people NOT come to the area of his residence. Karroubi stated "On this sacred night I accept what God has destined for me and I will continue to fight for the people's rights to the bitter end. Despite recommendations by his security to leave his residence, Karroubi has refused to leave the building. Source: Saham News

A happy family reunion in Oslo

The Iranian human rights lawyer who had to flee Iran in July this year, was reunited with his wife and daughter in Oslo today.

Nightly chants from the rooftops - 2 September 2010

Allahu Akbar = God is Great!
Marg bar diktator! = Death to the dictator!

The video is dated by voice over.

1 September 2010

Basijis Brutally Attack Karroubi's Residence for 4th Consecutive Night!

English translation by Negar Irani, from Saham News - Mehdi Karroubi’s official newspaper. 

Wednesday September 1st, 2010 (Wed 10th Shahrivar, Tehran Time)

According to SahamNews, minutes ago, Mehdi Karroubi's residence was once again brutally attacked by Basiji thugs. Following Fatemeh Karroubi's open letter of protest to Ayatollah Khamenei last night and as a result of the government's fear of Karroubi's potential attendance at the Qhods Day demonstrations, a large number of organized Basiji thugs once again gathered outside the Karroubi residence from around 10pm Tehran time tonight.

On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali and Qhadr night, and in the presence of security forces that supported them, these individuals were allowed to disturb the public order and create discomfort for people leaving in the neighborhood who were fasting during the sacred month of Ramadan. According to the SahamNews Reporter on site, the thugs chanted slogans against Mehdi Karroubi and in support of the Supreme Leader, threw rocks and sprayed paint on the walls of the residential complex creating substantial damage to the building. In addition to breaking the windows and spraying the walls with paint, the Basiji thugs also vandalized the building's security cameras. The Basiji thugs affiliated with a neighborhood martyrs group (Shahid Mahalati) chanted slogans such as "If only Khamenei would give us the order to fight..." and "We congratulate the union of the United States and Karroubi", wreaking havoc and disturbing people's peace and quiet.

These individuals carrying all sorts of weapons had also engaged in similar activities during the past three nights with the intention to create fear and disturb public order and in particular prevent Mehdi Karroubi from participating at the Qhods Day demonstrations. It looks as though the ruling government is intent on using Basiji thugs and the Sepah (IRGC), doing everything possible to prevent Mehdi Karroubi from participating at the Qhods Day demonstrations. It is worth mentioning that as a result of last night's attacks in an open letter written to Khamenei, Fatemeh Karroubi had stated: "What do my husband's differences of opinion with you (a fact apparent to everyone) have to do with the right of my family to exist?"

Source: SahamNews http://www.sahamnews.org/

خبر فوری:حمله وحشیانه اراذل بسیجی به منزل مهدی کروبی در چهارمین شب متوالی

شهریور ۱۱م, ۱۳۸۹ |

سحام نیوز:دقایقی قبل منزل مهدی کروبی مورد حمله وحشیانه اراذل و اوباش بسیجی قرار گرفت. به گزارش خبرنگار سحام نیوز در پی نامه اعتراض آمیز شب گذشته فاطمه کروبی به آیت الله خامنه ای و همچنین ترس حکومت از حضور مهدی کروبی در راهپیمایی روز قدس، از ساعت ۱۰ امشب تعداد کثیری از اراذل و اوباش بسیجی در اقدامی هماهنگ واز قبل برنامه ریزی شده اقدام به تجمع در جلوی ساختمان محل سکونت مهدی کروبی نمودند. این افراد به نوعی از حمایت نیروهای انتظامی نیز برخوردار شده اند، بطوریکه در شب قدر و شب شهادت امام علی(ع) این افراد بدون هیچ گونه ابایی اقدام به بر هم زدن نظم عمومی و آسایش مردم روزه دار در این شب مبارک نموده اند. گزارش خبرنگار ما حاکی از آن است که این افراد با سردادن شعارهایی بر علیه مهدی کروبی و در حمایت از رهبری اقدام به پرتاب سنگ و پاشیدن رنگ بر روی ساختمان محل سکونت مهدی کروبی نمودند. اقدام این افراد موجب وارد آمدن خسارت های به ساختمان شد. این افراد علاوه بر شکستن شیشه های ساختمان اقدام به پاشیدن رنگ و دزدیدن دوربین های امنیتی ساختمان نمودند. این افراد اراذل و اوباش نظامی که وابسته به قرارگاه شهید محلاتی هستند با سر دادن شعارهایی همچون”وای اگر خامنه ای حکم جهادم دهد و … ” ” امریکا- کروبی- پیوندتان مبارک” و پرتاب سنگ و اشیاء مختلف به سمت ساختمان مسکونی، موجب بر هم زدن آسایش مردم منطقه شدند.

این در حالیست که این افراد همچون۳ شب گذشته با به همراه داشتن سلاح های گرم و سرد قصد ترساندن و ایجاد رعب و وحشت در اذهان عمومی و علی الخصوص جلوگیری از حضور مهدی کروبی در راهپیمایی روز قدس را دارند. گویا جریان حاکم با توسل به گروه های اوباشگر بسیجی و استفاده از امکانات بسیج و سپاه قصد دارد تا از هر طریق ممکن از حضور مهدی کروبی در راهپیمایی روز قدس جلوگیری بعمل آورد. لازم به یادآوریست که در پی حمله شب گذشته این افراد، فاطمه کروبی در نامه ای به آیت الله خامنه ای گفته بودند: اختلاف همسرم با جنابعالی در مسائلی که همگان بر آن واقفند چه ارتباطی با حق زیستن خانواده ما دارد؟