29 August 2009

Inside Report I

- twitter from inside Iran, August 27

  • Iran...as far as I can tell we have a country in deep depression...no matter to whom you talk..old /young, people cry their eyes out at any news
  • No matter were you go, family gathering or friend party....the country is mouring ... and with Ramadan...people mental is going from bad to worse
  • Most young ppl follow us on twitter....but noone dares to post or participate ... the feeling of being watched is all over the country
  • Apparently most of those Twitting from Iran are from the Gov or Twitter from the only secure places in Iran (foreign Embassies)
  • The tape/phone treats R ongoing ....random calls to let people know that they have been located/recognized/watched or...
  • You understand the meaning of the phrase "worst fear is the fear itself".... and it's contagious ....
  • If you ever had a friend or family in deep depression ...you might have an idea on meeting a country in deep depression...just hard to describe
  • People just gather and speculate... on what will/may happen ... families are extremely worried for their young ones and lost in fear...
  • Do not expect any huge event or protests soon...People may come out and use different occasions but ...not like before.
  • Now some good news...most young ppl I meet have received haystacknetwork devices...they use it with caution and love!!!
  • These devices are little windows in their big prison...give hope and show them that outside Iran others care for them
  • Also there is something new in Iran...A sense of silent understanding....People communicate without talking...they hold hands with out touching
  • They share a common sorrow and for the first time after 30 years it doesn't matter whom the victims are if someone is against the gov..its with people
  • Even 11/12 year old kids are talking politics and give you the name of all martyrs one by one...and describe their bio for you....just hilarious
  • Those who remember 1979 Revolution tells you that even at that time the people were not united like today...today they have one goal....No to IR
  • I will be very surprised if the terror and fear stop these people for long... They are determined not to surrender... They are fighting with hearts and mind
  • The most surprising in Iran is the appearance of freedom now....always before Ramadan basiji attacks for disrespect of Islamic values was expected
  • This year ...NOTHING... No basiji attack for women’s Hejabs or men’s long hair....Nothing
  • Yes the arrests continue....random or calculated noone knows....Noone is safe...that's why most families close to the opposition are sending ...
  • their kids out...someone should investigate increase of student visa request for Iran. UK embassy is practically under attack with visa requests

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