19 August 2009

Ahmadinejad recruits the torturer of the Shah

- translation of Ahmadinedschad holt den Folterknecht des Schahs from Welt Online

- by Thomas Adolf - @thomas_adolf

By Martin Zoeller 14th August 2009, time 18:56

Human rights experts of the United Nations accuse Iran of torture against detainees. To force confessions for show trials, shall be reactivated the infamous Javad Azadeh. He learned his job allegedly at times of the Shah.

He makes a job, where he makes himself easily unpopular: The austrian Manfred Nowak is special correspondent of the United Nations, his job is to report torture in the prisons of this world. In 2006 he attracted interest with his criticism of the U.S. detention camp in Guantánamo. Now, Manfred Nowak said about Iran: "I fear that people on the basis of forced confessions are convicted." Because hundreds of opponents of the regime in Iran are currently on trail because they were part of the protests against the allegedly fraudulent presidential election.

300 cases of torture and mistreatment, said Manfred Nowak, he had the Iranian authorities made known. The prisoners were mostly beaten, with electroshock mistreated or psychologically pressured. The informations cames from released protesters, their relatives or their defenders. The unsuccessful presidential candidate Mehdi Karubi has fortified his allegation that male and female prisoners in arrest were been raped. The authorities rejected the allegations. They have cases of torture in Charisak prison acknowledged.

According to many testimonies on the internet and in newspaper reports, it is primarily a man who specialized in "forced confessions", Javad Azadeh. On a list with 20 names on an iranian opposition internetsite and the "Most wanted" means, he stands at position 1.

"Sooner or later the truth comes out“, thats the Javad method. He doesn´t know failure, he continues, where others stopped, wrote the Italian newspaper "Il Foglio" in a long article about Javad Azadeh. "He is what we understand under medieval torture " said according to "Il Foglio" the ex-president Mohammed Khatami on Javad. Due the riots after the allegedly fraudulent presidential election, he has his second big chance.

The first major job had Javad Azadeh in 1998, in this time died from an unknown source a wide range of artists, journalists and intellectuals. The brutality of the murderer forced the Iranian governement to mercilessly hunt them.

A man named Said Emami was arrested, he was inter alia Chatamis adviser on security. To break this not insignificant man and to declare him as a perpetrator of the killings they recruit somebody who does know what to do, a man who find fears out and can produce fears. That was the job of Javad Azadeh, until his victim killed himself in prison, with a bottle of detergent.

Javad Azadeh arrested then the wife of the deceased, alleged mastermind behind the murders and interrogated her. On the Internet you can see images of this interrogation, it came from the intelligence ministry to the outside. One shows a veiled woman on a plastic chair, which their hands on her face holds, again and again. Not even the interrogation of women, it was now clear, Javad differed of his brutal methods. Reformers convict him, the Conservatives abandoned him. It seems, the career as torturer ends.

But then began the era of President Ahmadinejad and the many arrests followed many interrogations. Where others find only negligibility, he gets the "confessions" of such prominent men as Mustafa Tjzadeh, Behzad Nabavi, Feizollah Arabsorkhi, Mohsen Aminzadeh and Abdollah Ramezan. Every word enriches the accusers, especially when the prisoners say that they were from abroad have been instigated.

Javad Azadeh believes to pull his duty: "If our spiritual leader says that foreign spies were responsibilty for the dead, then it is my religious duty, already recognized truth by him to verify this truth. And it is also my duty, to do everything to get confessions from the culprit. Even if it takes longer. " But even some conservatives it goes too far: Everbody knows how Javad reach confessions, it would be worthless and damaging the whole regime. But so long continues Javad Azadeh. DW

Article by using "Il Foglio"

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