7 June 2010

13 prisoners were executed in Ghezelhesar prison in Karaj this morning

@perianbanoo on the executions this morning (edited):

The news of 26 prisoners having been moved to quarantine in preparation for execution came out on Sunday. See yesterday’s report from RAHANA.

Today they executed 13, all charged with “drug trafficking”. Reports are the executions took place without the presence of their lawyers (required by law). A number of the people executed today were first time offenders.

Names of some of the executed prisoners:
  • Baghi Amini
  • Sanjar Touztahi
  • Nader Azarnoush
  • Mohamad Jafari
  • Mohamad Azarfam
  • Kazem Tashteki
  • Masoud Amir
  • Abdolhousein Soltanabad
  • Ahmad Shahbakhsh

HRANA reports that 31 people have been executed in Iran in the past 17 days.

HRANA - One person was executed in Esfahan this morning, bringing the total number of people executed today to 14 http://bit.ly/aPOKzk

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