19 September 2009

Two storys from Quds day

- as told by twitter activists on September 19

A family friend from Tehran:
As you know many people from villages and rural area were bussed into Tehran on Quds day. Many if not most of these people had not really seen or heard anti-govt slogans before. When they were in the Quds protest they were shocked to see anti-goverment things. Some of the villagers then asked green people about election and what happened. They said they would tell their people in the villages about this. So in this way having people from villages bussed into Tehran was good, because green people could talk to them. Now we know that the green message will spread to villages even more. They will tell their friend and family in the villages and the news will spread.

Greens outnumbered pro-Ahmadinejad’s in Qods day rally in Isfahan. Isfahani people were a bit more afraid than Tehranis to wear green or hold green symbols but when they started chanting they realized how many they were and were encouraged. At first people were blending in chanting "Death to America!", but when they realized that others were green too, they started green chants.

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