11 September 2009

Mousavi’s 11th Statement

The Green Path of Hope

Full translation posted Saturday, September 5 in the blog Khordaad88

Some excerpts:

The introduction speaks about the “systematic violations, fraud and the bitter events” that have caused “a widening rift between the people and the ruling establishment”, but also about the “need to defend the essence of the Islamic Republic”.

“In the midst of our own state ... there are individuals who know that the only way they can remain in power is by creating crises and catastrophes and keeping away from any attempt to solve the problems - problems that they themselves have created.”

“A different approach” would be to believe “in the plurality and diversity of beliefs existent in the great, ancient and pious family which is Iran”. […] “The responsibility of those who claim to be religious is to create an atmosphere appropriate for growth and blossoming of humanity towards higher aims and progress,” towards a “peaceful “coexistence of tastes and attitudes, social layers, tribes, religions and beliefs that live in this great land”.

“Contrary to what the state propaganda machines project ... We want to preserve the Islamic Republic ... to revive the ethical identity of the ruling system ... a restoration of those forgotten objectives (the vision of the Islamic revolution).”

[In the current regime] “Islam itself is oppressed.” [The leaders] “call their own [personal] tastes and expediency, Islamic Text. ... They go as far that lying becomes an inseparable attribute of State Media and the ugliest immoralities (torturing and killing prisoners and other shameful acts which the pen hesitates to write) are considered signs of commitment to the Prophet’s [Muhammad] religion. [The prophet] who was elected to enhance moral virtues.”
They “are opposed to the people” and “throw the children of the revolution in prison to satisfy their illusions.”

(Follows a lenghty elaboration on the visions of the Green Path of Hope, which is not a political party but a social movement.)

(Finishes with 9 demands that must be met to solve the current crisis.)

“If a political faction whose delusion of power is founded on opposing the [will of] the public and their just rights has a desire to solve this crisis, the least they can do at this stage to achieve this [desire] is as follows:

  • Form a truth finding commission and arbitration that is acceptable to all stakeholders in the tenth presidential election and investigate the crimes and fraud that were carried out and punish all wrongdoers.
  • A revision of the election laws such that conditions are formed for fair and just elections which people can trust
  • Identify and punish the parties involved in the atrocities that occurred in the aftermath of the election against the people in all police, military and media institutions.
  • Attend to those who have suffered in the aftermath of the election, and the families of the victims. The release of all political activists and people who were arrested over the election, and put an end to their trial, redeem their dignity and put an end to the threats and harassments that they are still subject to, [harassments like] coercing them into giving up their rights and take back their complaints.
  • Enforce article 168 of the constitution to define political crime, and try the political crimes in the presence of a jury.
  • Guarantee the freedom of press, changing the biased behavior of National TV, removing restrictions imposed on political parties and groups, allowing different perspectives to be presented in the media, especially national TV. Reforming the national TV constitution such that it can be held accountable for its illegal actions.
  • Put the created capacities to action in light of a reading from the 44th article of the constitution to create private television and radio.
  • Guarantee the fundamental rights of people, the freedom to assembly and rallies by enforcing the 27th article of the constitution.
  • Legislate a ban on the interference of military officials in political affairs and prevent intervention of military forces in economic activities.

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