13 September 2009

Karoubi's Letter to the Head of Iran's Judiciary

- written after his office was attacked and sealed

From Revolutionary Road (Facebook page) - posted September 12:

Karroubi on his meetings with the judiciary committee:

“[I also said] know this, that if in my investigations I conclude that any of these allegations are false, I will step forward and right this wrong. In this regard, my further investigations had proven the falsity of some of the previous statements I had made about Saeedeh Pouraghayi, which I corrected.

[…] our meeting with the committee came to a good end.”

[The day after Karroubi’s meeting with the committee, his office was attacked and searched, and office documents, personal letters and writings, bills and private papers and even charity money were confiscated. Also the office Etermad Melli, Karroubi’s political party, was shut down and sealed and documents confiscated.]

Karroubi continues:

“I am left wondering: did these events occur on Tuesday as a result of my meeting on Monday? I am left baffled not by what they have done to Karoubi, but that they think that Karoubi, the son of Ahmad, is going to leave the field and choose to remain silent? Now I know why some friends and advisers insisted that I give all the evidence for rape and torture as it had been retold to me by the victims, on a CD and to keep a copy in a safe place. Because the machine of terror is still at work and who knows, some of the witnesses may now take back their claims out of fear.

[…] after such terror, fear and threats, is it even possible to attend to the terror and atrocity that occurred after the election? You are left to answer this question but know that Mehdi Karoubi still insists on reclaiming the rights of the oppressed. Such old, overused tactics may work to silence some, but they will not work on Mehdi Karoubi”

[Karroubi’s letter is dated September 10, 2009]

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