6 September 2009

Amir Javadifar

- was beaten to death 24 years old

Amir was arrested on July 9. He was brought to the police station where he was beaten so badly that he was later taken to hospital. His family was informed. He had jaw, nose, facial and arm injuries. A head scan showed no brain injury, but his family wanted a second opinion. The police agreed and they took him to Laleh hospital where he was checked and released to the police the next morning.
The police brought him back to the police station. Next he was moved to the Intel police station and then to an unknown location. Those arrested on July 9 were moved either to Evin or to Kahrizak. Their familiers were told to check back in ten days. Amir's family went back to Evin but his name was
not on the list of Evin or Kahrizak prisoners.
From July 9 to July 28 Amir's family was being told by court that his interrogation was almost finished. On July 29 they were told to go to Kahrizak morgue, where they identified his body. Amir's body had been moved to the morgue four days after his arrest, cause of death unknown. It was kept at Kahrizak morgue for weeks, while the family was given false info.

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Edit, Sept 14:
@iranproxy: Amir Javadifar Tribute on today his birthday: http://bit.ly/flmG3 -please RT in memory of Amir #iranelection

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