8 November 2009

Update on Mohammad Ali Abtahi

Still in prison despite TV-confession

Mohammad Ali Abtahi has not been released from prison despite giving a televised confession. Abtahi, a cleric, was one of Iran's most prominent political bloggers. He was also a member of Assoc. of Combatant Clergy, and a senior adviser to Karroubi and Khatami. Before his TV confession (in August), Abtahi had been fed false news, for example with fake newspapers. But he has since been able to get a clearer picture of developments in the country. He is now resisting interrogators and refusing to update his blog with info fed by the regime. It is reported that this is the reason for his continued detention. The regime also fears he will say he confessed and posted on his blog under duress if he is freed.

By @homylafayette on Twitter 6 November

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