1 November 2009

Iran criticizes West for human rights violations

From: Iran's state television network, 31 October 2009

This is what Iran's state TV broadcasts when young protesters and political prisoners are tortured and killed in Iranian prisons. As one Twitter activist said: "
Want to get mad? Read this!!"

(The article is quoted in full. I’m sure they don’t mind.)

“Iran has criticized the US, Canada and the EU for human rights violations before the General Assembly's Third Committee at UN Headquarters in New York.

“Racial and religious prejudice have increased in the EU countries in the past few years,” IRNA quoted the Iranian delegation as saying on Friday.

“Muslims and religious minorities are verbally and physically attacked and are often barred from job opportunities,” the delegation added.

According to the Iranian delegation, Muslims are even deprived of performing their religious rituals in public places and are prevented from following the Islamic dress code.

The Iranians went on to say that police in the EU countries have "resorted to torture and violence which have been mentioned in various UN committees.”

The delegation also referred to the human rights violations in Canada, saying that native Canadians face "severe prejudice with a lower standard of living in comparison with others.”

“Native women are the victims of police violence and rape. They are kept in mixed prisons in which they are inevitably bothered by either their cellmates or prison staff,” they added.

Referring to cases of human rights violations in the United States, the Iranian delegation said “according to UN reports, ethnic minorities and residents who are originally from Africa or Latin America are the victims of prejudice and deprived of human rights.”

The Iranian delegation also touched upon Israeli atrocities committed against Palestinians and deplored Washington's unconditional support for Tel Aviv.

“The US government fully supports Israel's brutal actions, murders, tragic tortures and inhuman behavior against the Palestinians,” they concluded.”

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