21 November 2009

Mohammad Ali Abtahi sentenced to six years in prison

According to english.mowjcamp.com:

(Quoting full article)

Iran’s former vice-president Mohammad Ali Abtahi has been sentenced to 6 years in prison.

In an interview with ayandenews website, the daughter of Iran’s former Vice
-president has denied previous reports about her father’s release. Fatemeh Sadat Abtahi told ayandenews that this morning, Mr Abtahi had gone back to his house accompanied by 5 individuals who conducted a search of the house and then went to court afterwards where he was informed that he would be facing a six year prison sentence for his alleged role in the aftermath of the rigged elections in June.

Following the court appearance, Abtahi was then moved back into the notorious Evin Prison where he has been held since mid-June when he was arrested. Mr Abtahi’s lawyer hopes to secure his client’s release on bail tomorrow.

Abtahi was one of the well-known political figures who were forced to make false confessions in the first round of show trials that were held following the election turmoil.

The senior reformist politician is being investigated for charges that include acting against internal security, advertising against the Islamic Republic of Iran, insulting the President, disrupting public order by taking part in illegal gatherings and withholding classified documents.

Update 22 November:

The news about Abtahi’s sentence was reported by several news agencies today:

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