13 February 2011

Live blogging #25Bahman - 14 February protests in Iran

The information flow on Twitter can be very overwhelming when a protest is on in Iran. Some experienced journalist twitterers (tweeple) however are often live blogging the events. Followng these people is a great help to navigate safely in the information flow.

You can follow my list on Twitter: http://twitter.com/kiraber/live-bloggers

- or you can follow the blogs here:

Iran News Now (Dave Siavashi)

Enduring America (Scott Lucas)

Tehran Bureau (Josh Sharyar, Muhammad Sahimi and others)

Dissected News (James Miller)

Street Journalist (Saeed Valadbaygi)

Homylafayette Iran News in English (25 Bahman Scrapbook)

All blogs now linked to live blog page.

Please use the comment field to share info on other live bloggers who cover the events.

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