28 February 2011

Live blogging #10Esfand (1 March) protests in Iran

The blogs listed below are following the 10 Esfand (1 March) protets in Iran live.

Protests are scheduled for 5 pm in Tehran. Protests in other cities have also been announced.

My live-blogger Twitter list also gives easy access to reliable news from Iran.

Iran News Now (Dave Siavashi and James Miller)

Dissected News (James Miller)

Tehran Bureau (Dan Geist, Josh Shahryar, Homylafayette, TB staff and correspondents)

Enduring America (Scott Lucas, James Miller)

BBC Persian (farsi)

RAHANA News Agency (farsi) 

MARDOMAK liveblog (farsi)

Homylafayette: 10 Esfand Scrapbook (english)

Rahekargar (farsi)

Please use the comment field to notify me of other blogs.



  1. اخبار لحظه به لحظه 10اسفند 89 ، روز شعار«مرگ بر دیکتاتور» و «زندانی سیاسی آزاد باید گردد»
    گزارشات تظاهرات اولین سه شنبه، از سه شنبه های اعتراضی (۱۰،۱۷،۲۴ اسفند) … http://wp.me/pyFW1-eQD

  2. Mardomak Liveblog:


  3. Also a useful news site: http://ncr-iran.org/en/news

  4. @ Anonymous: I do not post links to MKO/PMOI news outlets on this blog.