17 January 2010

TOWARDS A GREEN BAHMAN - Call for participation

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It is now over 7 months since the start of Iranian people's protests against violations of their essential rights. Despite all the efforts of the regime, there is no stopping this tsunami wave of protests. What hopes and fears have we not experienced during the past 7 months... Some days happy, drunk with our victories, others sad for the loss of our dear friends...

Once again, we approach another series of fateful days. This time with more experience under our our belt, and more hopeful than ever for the final victory.

Now that we have about 1 month to this fateful day, with your assistance, I felt it necessary to come up with a plan to help guide our activities in the coming days.

The following list is by no means complete and will evolve daily based on your suggestions and ideas.

If you are in a position to assist with any of the following, you would be making a great contribution to this grand historical day.

1. Resumption of "writings on the wall" using novel ideas

2. Publishing and distribution of statements

- Preferably a common statement or a short and simple invitation for the masses to join. We need to collaborate on the wording of the statment.

- Creating web-links for the common statements; creating web links for how to publish & distribute the statements while staying safe

3. Writing slogans on bank notes (currency bills) to invite the general public to join the rallies on #22Bahman

- Creating web links for the slogans to be written on bank notes; creating web links showing photos of bank notes with slogans; creating web links to teach people how to write on bank notes

4. Preparing videos & audios for informing people and inviting them to join; distribution of these videos & audios using the internet, bluetooth, CDs, etc..

- Artistically inclined friends who live abroad and are familiar with video-work: WE CAN REALLY USE YOUR HELP HERE.

Some new #22bahman videos:


5. Preparing songs, anthems & related music

Once again, artistically inclined friends, especially those who live abroad: WE CAN REALLY USE YOUR HELP HERE.

- Creating web links for chosen songs & anthems.

6. Picking appropriate slogans and coming up with new slogans

Some new slogans:

- Referendum, referendum; this is the people's slogan رفراندوم ، رفراندوم ، اینست شعار مردم

- Neither Eastern, nor Western; Iranian Republic نه شرقی ، نه غربی ، جمهوری ایرانی

- Death to the dictator مرگ بر دیکتاتور

- As long as blood runs through our veins, we shall seek freedom تا خون در رگ ماست آزادی خواسته ماست

- Our slogan this year; separation of religion & state شعار امسال ما دین از سیاست جدا

- Dictatorship died in Bahman 88 بهمن هشتاد و هشت دیکتاتوری درگذشت

- IRGC brother, it's time for you to become free برادر ارتشی وقتشه آزاد بشی

- Peaceful gatherings are our essential right تجمع صلح آمیز حق مسلم ماست

- Election law should be modified قانون انتخابات اصلاح بايد گردد

- Leave God's work to God; Separate religion and politics کار خدا با خدا دین از سیاست جدا

- Down with Taliban, be it in Kabul or Tehran مرگ بر طالبان چه کابل چه ایران

- We are #Neda, we are #Sohrab, we are all of one voice ندائیم ، سهرابیم ما همه یکصدائیم

- Adherence to the constitution, our essential right قوانین اساسی حق مسلم ماست

7. Design & publication of posters, banners & logos for Green Bahman with the help of Graphic Artist friends

- Replacing our logos & avatars on facebook, twitter & other social networking media.
- Using banners in our websites and web logs.
- Sharing posters through web logs, internet, email,...

8. Deciding where and when the Green rallies will take place and announcing them to the public one week in advance of the rally

- In the Balatarin site, it has been suggested that Tehran rallies should take place in Azadi Square. However, it has also been mentioned that this topic requires further discussion. See http://balatarin.com/permlink/2010/1/16/1916689

- Showing the time and place of the rallies in Tehran & other cities on google maps

9. Plans for the following 10 days and announcing the plans ASAP:

Monday 12 Bahman (Feb 1) : Green strike for one day - friends please explain about this.
Tuesday 13 Bahman (Feb 2) :
Wednesday 14 Bahman (Feb 3): Green derby in Azadi stadium & flying several hundred thousand Green balloons in this stadium and possibly in other cities
Thursday 15 Bahman (Feb 4): Silent gathering in front of Evin prison from 3-5 to support the Green detainees
Friday 16 Bahman (Feb 5): 40th day anniversary of #Ashura deaths. Visit graves of Green martyrs starting around noon
Saturday 17 Bahman (Feb 6): Join mourning mothers in Laleh park around 6-7 pm
Sunday 18 Bahman (Feb 7):
Monday 19 Bahman (Feb 8):
Tuesday 20 Bahman (Feb 9):
Wednesday 21 Bahman (Feb 10): Loudest nightly chants ever
Thursday 22 Bahman (Feb 11): Day of victory for the Green Nation of Iran. Time & place to be determined.

10. For friends residing abroad: Deciding on time and place of rallies in various cities & announcing them at least one week in advance.

- Creating web links for rallies abroad.

11. Start of strikes and civil disobedience beginning with 1st of Bahman. This topic needs further discussion & planning.

- creating web links for ideas, decisions, know hows on strikes and civil disobedience.

12. Refusing to pay water, phone, electric bills...

13. Moving our money out of banks starting in Bahman

14. Boycotting the Fajr Film Festival

15. Dissemination of information through the internet, mass emails, social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, balatarin..., messenger; creating related web links.

16. Dissemniation of information through SMS

- To avoid being tracked, we can garble the messages or encode them. So instead of "Green Bahman", we can say "Grene Bohmon" or even "namhab neerg"

- creating web links for messages to be sent through SMS

17. Disseminating information through casual phone calls

-To be safe, use calling cards, VOIP, Skype, Internet calls...

18. Spreading information in person (in cabs, stores, work place,...)

19. Inviting renowned figures (such as artists, athletes, religious & military figures, renowned bazaar merchants, intellectuals, etc...) to participate in the rallies or at lest express their unity with the rallies

20. Debate & exchange of ideas on regime tactics, predicting their plans and finding ways to neutralize it, and of course spreading the news.

- creating web links for these discussions

21. Improving & updating this list based your ideas & suggestions. Implementing each item on the list to the best of our abilities.

The Green movement is formed based on the three principles of: COMMUNAL WISDOM, SOCIETAL COMRADERY, & GROUP IMPLEMENTATION. The key to our victory lies in these three principles.

22. Safety issues to observe during rallies:
- Do not go to rallies alone. Go with several friends and relatives.
- Do not get excited. Do not get violent.
- If attacked by security forces, do not go through narrow alleys. Choose main path roads when returning home from rallies.
- Try to identify the "moles" in the crowds. They may not look that different from you, but they sure act different.
- Bigger groups are safer. Try to join the bigger groups.
- Leaders of groups should rotate positions, so they can't be identified.
- The rally route should be decided by the group, not a single individual.
- If you come across someone who is destroying public property, you can advise them not to. But don't get into a fight with them.
- Do not carry any weapons or IDs which links you to certain political or religious groups, save for Green symbols.
- Cover your face with a mask or scarf so you can't be identified.
- Look normal. Wear simple clothes. You don't want to draw attention to yourself.
- Before going to the rally, turn off your mobile and keep it turned off until you return from the rally.
- If you take your mobile with you, erase photos, videos, phone numbers, which can put you in danger.
- Pay attention to the "traffic cameras".
- If violence escalates, try to close the traffic routes for buses.
- Keep in mind that there is a thin line between courage & stupidity. Make wise choices, because the Green movement needs you to stay alive.


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