5 January 2010

Iranian diplomat resigns over brutal Ashura crackdown

Norwegian Broadcasting News 5 January 2010, 19:00 local time.

- reports that the Consul at the Iranian Embassy in Oslo has resigned over the regime's brutal violence against the protesters in the days following Christmas (i.e. Ashura).

The consul is now in Oslo, but has not yet contacted Norwegian authorities. Mohammad Reza Heydari has worked at the embassy for three years.

- It was the Iranian regime's brutal treatment of the protesters in the days after Christmas that made up my concience to resign, Heydari tells NRK.

At least eight persons were killed and lots of people were arrested.

He confrms that he has resigned and considers asking Norwegian authorities for help.

The leader of the Norwegian-Iranian Support Comittee, Rahman Saki, is worried about Heydari's security.

- It will be very difficult. He will be punished severly if he returns to Iran. Not only he himself, but also his family, Saki says.

A spokesman for the Iranian Embassy in Oslo refuses to comment on what he calls lies and baseless rumours.

Report from NKR TV:

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  1. He should not worry too much - europe will not stand still when the people are afraid to lose their lives.

    It is time to stop talking about the nuclear issue. It is of minor issue compared to who is killed IN Iran by the iranian regime.