2 September 2010

Karroubi’s house under ‘siege’ for the fifth consecutive night

- and now it’s getting nasty.

A few hors ago the Twitter #iranelection feed bursted into a frenzy with news of violent attacts outside Karroubi’s house.
Some damage had already been done to the residence yesterday, and Saham News posted some images earleier today. An alleged video also emerged:

The thugs are shouting "Marg bar Karroubi!", "Death to Karroubi!".

At 18:50 GMT today reports were that the pro-regime crowd were throwing Molotov cocktails and Karroubi’s bodyguards firing shots into the air.
About an hour later reports came out that one of Karroubi’s bodyguards was taken to hospital.
At 20:30 GMT Mehdi Karroubi’s son Hossein spoke to Radio Farda before the family’s phone was cut off:
The home is completely blockaded. Our neighborhood is now just like the desert of Karbala (where Imam Hossein was martyred after being denied water for days) and occupied Palestine. The building is completely surrounded. There were gun shots fired directly at the building. The bodyguards in return fired some warning shots. All windows of the building are broken. They shot out all the street lights in the alley. Apparently some [assailants] were injured and ambulance has taken them [to hospital].
The situation is very chaotic now and the attackers are continuously chanting slogans and their attack word is “We are responding, O Khamenei”.

Read the complete, updated report on the blog Enduring America

Last update via Facebook (Negar Irani) - about 22:00 GMT:
In a short message to the nation of Iran, in an effort to protect people's lives, Karroubi explicitly requested that people NOT come to the area of his residence. Karroubi stated "On this sacred night I accept what God has destined for me and I will continue to fight for the people's rights to the bitter end. Despite recommendations by his security to leave his residence, Karroubi has refused to leave the building. Source: Saham News

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