7 December 2009

Live blogging from the Streets of Iran

16 Azar, 7 December

Follow these blogs for live updates from today’s protests in Iran: 

Street Journalist
Enduring America
Iran News Now
Iranian.com (farsi)

-also following:


  1. www.livingdocuments.wordpress.com is also following

  2. Monday, December 7, 2009
    Mr. Obama: Stop Appeasing the Mullahs - Islamic republic is a goner!

    Pro Democracy Movement of Iran urgently calls on President Obama to stand up for the United State's founding principles, stop appeasing the Islamic republic and support the pro democracy movement of Iran.

    Iranians are resoundingly saying NO to this barbaric occupying regime under very difficult conditions. A regime that beats, rapes and kills Iranian peaceful demonstrators.

    30 years of failed diplomatic overtures by both Republican and Democratic administrations should be a clear message for those in Washington that this regime is not reformable and regime change is the only viable option before mullahs develop their nuclear weapons.

    Pro democracy Movement of Iran (PDMOI)

    AP: "President Barack Obama's national security adviser says the door remains open for Iran to work with other countries on its nuclear program. But James Jones also says the 'picture is not a good one.' Jones says the clock is ticking toward the end of the year. That's when Obama has said it would be clear whether Iran was ready to work with the United States, other U.N. Security Council members and Germany to assure the world it was not trying to build a nuclear weapon." http://bit.ly/90Jg4p

  3. My take on the US-Iran talks: Stop talking nuclear program and start talking human rights!